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We are all looking for that magic product. The fix it all, make them sleep 12 hours, safe and natural, affordable, can pop them down sleepy but awake – Holy Grail sleep aid.

In the early days, the Love to dream swaddle was this for us. It was the single best thing we used that helped Bubs (and therefore us) get a good sleep (see my previous blog post on the Love to dream swaddle). But, alas – he started rolling and the swaddle had to go. Cue a lot of crying. Me, and the baby – sigh.

I lucked out on the sleeping like a baby front. We started off too sleepy (with the jaundice) but that quickly turned to the opposite and it seems we have a baby with more stamina than an All Black. 2-3 hours at a time max was pretty much our record for the first 6 months. It was tough. I’m not going to lie. It still is. I was so envious of all the fricken unicorn babies who were already sleeping right through. Wondering what we were doing wrong…. was I creating bad habits by responding, cuddling and feeding him… should I put him in his own room… should we cry it out. Was he hungry, too hot, too cold, was it wind, was he wet, was it too dark, too light, did he not like his bassinet, was it too hard, too soft, did he not like me, was it the sleeping bag, should we try blankets, would they suffocate him, should I tilt the cot, try a sheepskin under, try white noise, try a cuddly, vegetarian dinners, more naps, less naps, natural remedies, WHY WONT HE TAKE A DAMN DUMMY???!!

To make things worse everyone was always asking and I had to admit I was failing at this all the time…

Awwww so cute, how old? Is he sleeping through?


Ohhhh he should be sleeping through by now….

and repeat.

Everybody is a sleep expert. Everybody knows a baby that was a perfect sleeper since they were born and everybody feels compelled to tell you ALL about it.

Around 6 months, I finally thought we cracked it. 2-3 hours became 3-4, and then 4-5 and we even got up to 6-7-8 hours! For a grand total of 2 weeks I felt like I was the All Black! Even though our day naps still weren’t working, he was sleeping at night and all was right with the world.

Then. He got teeth. 2 at the bottom in one week, and 4 up the top the next week. All at once, and as those little teeth destroyed his poor sore gums, they also destroyed every moment of our precious sleep – and all my hopes and dreams, until we were worse off than before with 1-2 hourly wake ups every.single.night.

So I did what every 2018 parent does, and went online. I read sleep consultant articles, I read co-sleeping – baby wearing – attachment parenting articles, I read blogs, and sleep forums, and Facebook mum-group pages, you name it.

I stumbled upon The Glow Dreaming on the SleepytotNZ Facebook page, I think I’d liked it when a friend of mine tagged me in a competition to win one. I was intrigued with the idea of the red LED light, and the slow wave sleep sound therapy – pink noise. Also, I’m a sucker for cute, and good marketing, and the adorable little fox on the unit sucked me riiiiight in. I read rave review after rave review. I’ve tried everything and nothing worked – until this, people had written. The Glow Dreaming seemed to be changing lives all over the place! I nearly brought one then and there, but it was the middle of the day, and I usually do my best impulse buying at 3am. In the broad daylight I couldn’t quite justify $155 for the starter kit – especially with me not working. So I pushed on night, after night with the incessant hourly wake ups. Until one night I completely cracked it, and you guessed it…. made my 3am purchase.

I rationalised it with Hubby – the team at SleepytotNZ have a 14 day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work babe – we will send it back. Nothing to lose and allllll the sleep to gain. Riiiight?

The courier arrived about a week later, and my first thought was oh, it’s quite light and small – maybe it’s not The Glow Dreaming (this happens all the time – I forget what I’ve ordered in the middle of the night) but sure enough it was.

I filled up the water tank, tested out all the buttons and read the manual. For the first time in months I wasn’t dreading bedtime – I was excited to see what would happen. We followed our usual bed time routine, and popped him down to sleep. The White noise was on the loudest setting, I had 4 drops of the Twinkle star oil blend in the humidifier, and the Red light was on Max while we did our routine, then I turned it down once he was in his cot. The unit was at eye level, around 1m away. All boxes ticked.

Now at the height of this sleeplessness we were have 5-6-7 wakes a night regularly. Sometimes more, rarely less. I was told to expect the first week to be worse, and then get better.

A week later and we were still at 5-6 wake ups. Nothing had changed. It didn’t get worse which was a plus I guess, but it certainly didn’t get any better either. So I got in touch with the customer service team and joined the Facebook group. Alas, after another 7 nights and multiple trials with the settings, we were down to 4-5 wake ups but by no means “improved”. I tried it without the light, less oil drops, quieter noise, no noise, no humidifier, all the different combos, but no joy.

The red light was handy, as a kind of night light. It allowed me just enough light to see what I was doing when I was feeding him and putting him down. The Humidifier although seemingly not helping him sleep, was really pleasant and I loved the twinkle star oil scent. Also, I wasn’t waking with as much of a dry a mouth as normal myself. Until now, I had never used white or pink noise. I tried once or twice early on, but it was always more of a distraction than anything else, and Bubs would often crane his neck and start actively listen to it, and just resist sleep further. This time was slightly different, Bubs ignored the white noise (which I think was a good thing, and the point right?) and although he was still waking 4-5 times, the wakes were just a little bit further apart and not as soon after putting him down which I’ve credited to the white noise.

So even thought I wouldn’t say it was a resounding success, or that I’d found the “Holy Grail” it didn’t make it worse, and there were some small improvements which have helped create some better habits. When it came to decide if I wanted to return it for my money back or keep it, I chopped and changed my mind a few times. Ultimately my rationale was this isn’t just a sleep aid, it’s a night light, a humidifier and a white noise machine and and some time or another I will use each of those. I could put a cold and flu scent in there for congestion, I could use the green light function and the red light when he was older for a night light, and I am continuing to use the white noise to help keep him asleep for longer.

Nearly a month later, and we are slowly, slowly, slowly seeing more and more little improvements. We are down to 3-4 wake ups now, and I’m hopeful I’m encouraging a conducive sleep environment, and less and less wake-ups.

I would encourage anyone that wants to give it a shot to do so. I’ve read countless reviews from real people who have had outstanding results. If you have the capital, go for it, the money back guarantee is there for your satisfaction. Fiona from SleepytotNZ, and the Glow Dreaming were FANTASTIC and so easy to deal with. Full of tips and tricks.

Just a note – this is not sponsored content. This is my real story, and all views are my own.

Please, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram if you have any other questions 🙂


Fe x


Light Therapy – The red LED light used by Glow Dreaming combats the damage caused to our sleeping patterns by technology, helping reset our internal clocks. Red spectrum light has been scientifically proven to help tell our bodies it’s time for sleep. Children are even more susceptible to the damage caused by the blue light waves emitted by the screens and lighting we use.

Slow Wave Sleep Sound Therapy – Slow Wave Sleep Sound Therapy utilises what’s called Pink Noise. This sound is very commonly found in nature, in things like waterfalls, rain and thunder. Dr Stephane Pigeon has recreated this frequency for us but in a unique rhythm and timing so that it helps cause drowsiness and gets us to fall into a state of sleep called Slow Wave Sleep. This is the sleep you go into when you go past dreaming. It is the most restful and best type of sleep.

Humidifier – The humidifier makes breathing easier, improves comfort and has been proven to reduce the risk of cold and flu’s. It is ideal for children who snore, have asthma or get sick often.

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