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Love to dream Swaddle

Our experience with swaddling was unfortunately interrupted by the realisation that bubs had Jaundice. Bad.

I’m going to be totally honest, and admit, that I didn’t really know about swaddling until I actually had bubs, and the nurses were showing me how to wrap him up. I think because he came early and I didn’t get a chance to work through the checklists I had saved – I was left uncharacteristically unprepared.  The nurses showed me how to wrap him up with his little hands up by his ears. This didn’t work out so well because as soon as he wriggled even slightly he would bust out of the wraps and be uncovered again. Then the Jaunice realisation happened and suddenly we had a reaaaaally sleepy baby who reaaally wasn’t interested in feeding and was constantly falling asleep while breastfeeding. So the advice from the lactation consultant and the lovely ladies in birth care was DON’T wrap him. In fact, you need to undress him, make him colder, tickle him, drip his face with a wet cloth…. anything you have to do to keep him awake and try and make him feed. There’s a whole other blog post on this story so I won’t overtake this one any further, but basically, we had an unswaddled baby until around 16 weeks when the prolonged Jaundice finally buggered off. So you can imagine the resistance when I was finally able to try the miracle I kept reading about… the “wrap the baby up so tight it cant move and looks like an adorable caterpillar papoose method that WON’T FAIL TO HELP HIM SLEEP….”



After 16 weeks of doing what he darnwell pleased while sleeping, he wasn’t going to have his arms down for NO ONE.

At my wit’s end, I messaged one of my very best friends who had a beautiful baby girl around 6 months earlier than me. (She’s an angel. A glowing light of reason. A kind voice of sanity, and my saviour in some of my darkest hours. You will hear more about her and the amazing support and advice she has given me over the last 8 months) What on earth do I do, he HATES the swaddle. “Try the Love to dream she said, we would have started out with that one if we knew about it.” So I did what I do best, and jumped online during a 3am feed and brought a blue, original weight, size small, Love to Dream arms up swaddle. Justified this to hubby with an”it can’t hurt babe” AND WE NEVER LOOKED BACK.

Bubs was happy as Larry to have his arms up, and the snug fit helped to contain the natural startle reflex.  The nice secure zip meant no possible way he could break out, and can I get a HALLELUJAH… his sleep improved!! He was able to suck on the little wings if he woke up and settle himself back off to sleep. With a hip-healthy design, we could be sure his little hips weren’t being compromised either. We used these swaddles right through to around 6 months when he started to roll. We then used the 50/50 design with the removable wings to transition out of a swaddle which was so painless and despite much trepidation only took about 2 weeks alternating a different freehand every couple of nights. We then used the winter weight without arms on for the cooler months too.

The Love to Dream swaddle is perhaps the best revelation I have had since having bubs, and EASILY earns the tops spot in my MUST HAVES, CAN’T DO WITHOUT, (also winning best baby shower gift) hands down.




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