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I’m Fe, and I became a first time Mum November 2017.

To say my world has changed is the understatement of the century! Its been picked up, scrunched into a little ball, put through the “heavy” wash cycle, wrung out on a fast spin, and is now rolling around in the back of the dryer with the three odd socks that have been left to die in there. I’m not being dramatic. I genuinely can’t even begin to put into words how my world has turned upside down… in the best (and the worst – I’m not going to start out BSing) possible way.

Since my beautiful boy burst into the world 3 weeks early – by emergency caesarian (that’s another story to tell later) I’ve been looking for the handbook. You know, the one that tells us what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and supports and encourages us so we know as a Mum that we are doing a great job!

Yeah – sorry – that was cruel, it doesn’t exist.

I’d give my left kidney for this fictitious handbook, which led me to this. My blog. I wanted to share my journey in the hopes that even one person reads it and says me too…I’ve felt like this, I’ve thought this, and hey Fe’s still alive so I will survive too.

It will be filled with stories, musings, ranting, rambling and a fair amount of 3 am ridiculousness.

I’ll review and share my most treasured products and must-haves, along with some of those – haha sucker, you didn’t need this and you’ve wasted your precious money on my things too.

I’m not a doctor or a medical professional, I’m not trained and I don’t have the golden aforementioned handbook…but I do have my own experiences to share. I hope someone gets something out of it, anything – even just a laugh at my attempt to put this into words. I could have used some real talk on my journey, so hopefully….here it is!


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