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Bonds Wondersuits

No matter how big or small your baby is when they’re born, they are the smallest they’re ever going to be (all things going well) and you will forever be saying “I can’t believe he/she/they were ever that little”

The first few times changing a nappy, or an outfit is nerve wracking! It’s like playing a high stakes game of operation. You don’t want to bend the arms too hard, or pull anything too firmly over their squishy heads. It’s like handling the finest china or crystal your mum never let you touch as a kid, and they truly feel oh so breakable. It’s even better watching Dad doing it, we had many onesies on inside-out, or back to front. Little buttons and teeny domes aren’t always ideal for big hands and fingers! I had to bite my tongue many a time, and just learn to be thankful that hubby was helping. Hard for “always do it right or not at all” me over here.

Even though we had an over supply of new baby clothes, I quickly learnt the ones I liked and didn’t, and especially in those first few weeks my mantra was – the easier the better. My sister brought us our first Bonds Wondersuit, and after all the countless buttons, domes and no matter how hard you tried – ALWAYS having a spare with no match… (what is with that mama’s am I right?!) the easy zip up was a revelation.

Not only are they easy to put on, you don’t have to worry about any exposed skin gaps, no riding up of fabric, and they have super handy fold over mittens and feet built in which Bubs cannot kick off or lose.

Another massive plus…. they look ADORABLE and come in super styly prints.

As soon as I discovered these, I was out to The Warehouse buying every new born size I could find. I also discovered the Bonds outlet store and went a little nuts there too. They often have buy three get 40% off – perfect justification to buy more!

After a few months, my confidence grew and slowly I branched out to more tops and bottoms, and a few more buttons. Fast forward to 8 months on, and changing time is one of the best workouts I get. Grappling a determined baby on a spin-cycle is hard work! I still have a stash of Wondersuits for these days. If I’m too tired, or I can’t be bothered coordinating an outfit, or just when I want something easy that looks good they are perfect.

While you might not think a zip up suit is life changing stuff, trust me. They’re easy, they save time, and are perfect for anyone else who wants to help, and in those early days that is all you can ask for. It’s the little things.

A no brainer for my “must haves”


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